chocolate beyond the bar:

craft chocolate goods for makers & bakers 

look, we've been there. maybe (ok, many) more times than once. there in the store + suddenly those ubiquitous chocolate chips lolling in the cart.

we're just going to go out on the proverbial limb and assume that you like your food real, and preferably not of-the-run-of-the-mill ilk, and not golden-arched one size fits all. good food is about all the reasons we drink craft beer and spend our hard earned paychecks on beautiful orbs of artisan goat cheese and fair trade coffee roasted in small batches and our days off wondering if the landlord will notice the ever so teensy hen home on the porch not to mention the 50 shades of kale cookbook we peruse on lunch break. 

in our humble opinion the better the chocolate the better the brownie, or chocolate chip cookie, or babka, or whatever the chocolate creation of your dreams might be. there. now we'll step off the craft chocolate spattered wooden box and get to the good stuff: what to do with a hunk of chocolate beyond the bar.

the craft chocolate pantry

no truffles required, though of course have at it. bonbons? those too. what works best is couverture chocolate, which is made with a higher amount of cocoa butter. to be real chocolate there are a few rules. cacao beans, which are about 50% cocoa butter, are of course, expected. additional cocoa butter is permitted, but not always used, as it is the most expensive ingredient in chocolate. sugar is a good idea, because cacao beans differ vastly and can be very bitter and acidic. the % you see (70%, 75% etc etc) is the relation/proportion of cocoa (both cacao bean + any extra cocoa butter) to anything else. yes there are folks who argue % this and % that or 100% is better etc etc. it is a matter of taste. yours, of course, is what matters. 

all of the % talk comes down to the bean, and happy for us, there is a diversity of cacao waiting to be tried. not all cacao beans taste the same or create the same tasting chocolate. do we really want to live in a world where all chocolate bars taste the same? no thank you. the same goes for brownies, or chocolate chunk cookies, or aunt mabel's grasshopper pie.

as folks who like to bake we appreciate the joy of having really good chocolate on hand. so besides chocolate bars we craft couverture chocolate for makers sweet good and bakers of bars, cookies, cakes, oh the what-have-you of it all. we offer both tempered + untempered blocks. if your plan is to use by melting untempered chocolate is the way to go, as melting breaks the temper. if, however, you plan on tempering your chocolate, already-tempered is best, as it will aid in your tempering process. we offer small bricks sold by the ounce, in a range of cacaos and %'s.