bean to bar to ed chocolate camp for educators Aug 8 + 9

bean to bar to ed chocolate camp for educators Aug 8 + 9


In my perfect world chocolate making would be in every school, as it is an engaging craft that applies math, chemistry, geography, botany, economics, and culinary arts all in one delicious bundle (or bar :). Harvard even offers a course in cocoa bean economics.

This two-day camp is designed specifically for educators. It is a fun + intensive two days of hands-on lessons in the botany + history of cocoa beans + chocolate making, and the craft of small batch chocolate making, geared to help you return to your classroom with the skills to make chocolate and an outline for teaching chocolate-making that can be designed for grades K through high school.

All beans + ingredients + tools used for making a batch of chocolate during our camp are included. If you’d like to participate with another teacher/educator from your organization (and share equipment) email me, as I am happy to accommodate that at no extra charge.

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