welcome to camp: lessons in bean to bar small batch chocolate making for the epicurious and the plain old curious. 

a map is good, but sometimes a guide gets you a few steps closer. 

in my other life i was a guide, and really, rowing a river and crafting chocolate are not all that different. nice weather helps. the right tools, for sure. a strong back, willing hands, and a nose for adventure do not hurt. winging it is one way, but a friend to point out the tricky parts and maybe those pokey things beside the path? yes please. 

bean to bar 101

a fun + intensive weekend of hands-on learning the craft of small batch chocolate making in a relaxed environment. great for first-time chocolate makers, pastry chefs wanting to add a new skill to their kitchen, or chocolate lovers with a hankering to learn how lowly cocoa beans are transformed into delicious chocolate. yes, you too can sling lovely chocolate throughout your kitchen and amaze and delight your friends (henceforth they will be serious fans). day one we'll start at the bean (origins & regions, selecting & sourcing) with a look at 30+ different origins of cacao beans to choose from for your project. after that it's lessons in roasting profiles using a small-batch roaster, cracking & winnowing using the home-sized sylph winnower, lessons on how to use + create (and tweak) batch formulations, and then we'll get batches of chocolate grinding in tabletop small-batch grinders. we'll also talk chocolate, with a tasting of bars from some of the most beloved craft chocolate makers today. day two we'll complete the small batch grind and practice methods of tempering, seeding, + molding. everyone will take home finished chocolate #seriousyay, and along the way, eat lots of chocolate.

camp includes: beans + supplies to make approx. 14 bars, use of equipment, and chocolate tasting. 

bean to bar chocolate making 101
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