chocolate spread: chocolate + tahini

chocolate spread: chocolate + tahini


Crafted from chocolate we make especially for our spreads {roasted cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, same-origin cocoa butter} and house-made tahini {organic toasted sesame seeds, a pinch of sea salt}.

We started crafting spreads out of a fondness for toast. And waffles we could grab-n-go, and that one time we needed something to turn a banana muffin into a birthday cupcake.

We believe in not just eating what we make, but in crafting what we want our family + friends + kinfolk + kids to eat. This means letting the flavor of the chocolate take the stage to take the lead, with the sweet stuff playing a supporting role. 

vegan, nut-free, gf.

crafted from Fiji cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, organic toasted sesame seeds, sea salt. 


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