cold brew sampler collection

cold brew sampler collection


If you're looking for the collection featured in Bloomberg Business Week, you've found it.

Cold brew chocolate is a marvel. Like cold brew coffee, it has less acidity due to the no-heat method, and more lovely flavor, with a wonderful chocolate backbone. We like ours with a splash of coconut milk or half & half. Sweeten, if that's your thing, or not. 

For summer we've been brewing it then blending with ice. 

Our four bag sample pack includes current favs for making cold brew: Honduras (deep, rich), Madagascar (bright, cinnamon + fruit), Vietnam Ben Tre (molasses), and Peru Tumbes (grassy, fruit notes). Cold brew chocolate is crafted from a special roast of whole beans which we winnow to remove the husk/shells. It arrives to you pre-ground, and ready to brew. 

Instructions included. 

what you'll need: a french press works great, but it also works well to simply use a large jar and have a strainer handy after steeping. our cold brew brews faster than the standard 6-12 (or 24) hr brew for coffee. the longer you brew the more intense. start short, or go long if you like it stronger.

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