Vietnam Ben Tre Thai peanut 71%: Tybee

Vietnam Ben Tre Thai peanut 71%: Tybee


There is no beating around the bush: this bar might be our everything. The Vietnam Ben Tre cacao crafts a 71% dark chocolate with subtle hints of dried dates + brown sugar that plays off the fun + familiar peanut-meets-chocolate-uber-awesomeness, which would have been fine then and there.

But that seemed a bit like gazing fondly at the warm water and waves from shore, so a few steps further with Thai chile and lime with coconut and we were closer...but toe-dabbling isn't quite our thing either. So we added crisped rice + bits of candied ginger and voila, like a trip to our favorite beach (which happens to be the namesake of this bar), and an apres' swim worthy snack afterward.


includes: roasted cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut, organic crisped rice, candied ginger, chile, lime.


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