hazelnoot: nut(kin)ella meets granola

hazelnoot: nut(kin)ella meets granola


Every fall we craft a nanobatch chocolate collection called Squirrel Stash, borne of our desire to best Nutkin at his nut-gathering prowess. Read: despite having six hazelnut (aka, filbert) trees on our property, come fall there is not a nut in sight...but a heck of a heap of empty squirrel-chewed shells. Squirrel Stash defies convention featuring nary a nut, but as much of the goodness we can forage before Nutkin gets wind of the plenty.

But we digress. This granola is our ode to the hazelnut lode a local farm gathers, crafted from house made gianduga, that spoon-licking to the every last bit hazelnut and chocolate spread we so crave. We've given it a whippet of crunch, making it snack pack friendly and breakfast bowl amazing.

slow batch crafted from gf oats, toasted organic quinoa, house made hazelnut and chocolate spread. might we add: for the win, Nutkin, for the win.

gf, vegan. contains tree nuts. 

8 oz

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