craft chocolate baking kit

craft chocolate baking kit


one of our favorite things about making chocolate takes place after hours, at home in our kitchen. brownies baked with dollops of melted belize, slivers of honduras sprinkled upon cocoa, and freshly-crafted cocoa powder? yes please.

A lovely gift for the baker in you(r) life, the kidlet with a hankering for stirring up chocolatey love, or that hostess with the flowers on the bedside table + fresh oj in the fridge. 

We craft the powder old-school style in a small cocoa butter press: when roasted cocoa beans are pressed the butter is released, which we use in our bars. What remains is the most amazingly fragrantly single origin fresh cocoa powder, wondrous for all manners of baking, hot cocoa concocting, and cupcake bedecking. 

Each baking kit includes:

an 8-ounce hefty slab of untempered 72% dark chocolate, crafted from Fiji cacao

4 ounces of Fiji cocoa powder

4 ounces of Fiji cocoa nibs

4 ounces of cocoa swirls (these are the fun bits of cocoa powder just after pressing)

a vintage Map tea towel made by Cavallini, for mopping up the beautiful mess.


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