and then one day we saw them. they looked like us, only, what they said was not us.

The molds we've used to shape our bars since Map started have come to be known as "Maps," and when spotted on Instagram or out in the wild, are instantly recognizable: who we are, what we make, and what we are about. These were the best molds we could afford but are not custom molds, and can be (and have been) purchased + used by other chocolate companies. Last year another maker began using the molds (ok, we thought, we'll live with it), but recently used them to display what we (and others who contacted us) found to be an offensive message that is not in keeping with Map, and not representative of who we are. 

The time has come to design and have custom molds produced. Some makers start with custom molds from the get-go. And yes, there are less expensive molds available, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. We make chocolate in small batches, roasting cocoa beans in a beloved vintage Royal N.5 roaster, using stone grinders, hand tempering, and hand-wrapping each bar because we believe in craftsmanship: it is through skill, inspiration, and craft we can pour our heart into what we do. We want our molds to create a bar that speaks to this, plain and simple, and when it's in your hands (and on your taste buds) it sings its song beautifully. We believe molds made by Micelli,  a respected longtime crafter of artisan molds (if you visit their website you will recognize Dick Taylor's beautiful design), will help us do what we aim to do. 

To help fund the molds ($4250 is the cost) we've created a limited batch set of six bars for pre-order, that will be made from the first run of the new molds, and the one and only time the six bars will be available. We are asking a donation of $42.50 for the set of six: if 100 sets are sold, we've met our goal #tellyourfriends ! (and just between us I think this six bar set will make an amazing Mother's Day gift) 

Thank you! and here's to sharing a long, chocolate-filled journey ahead!



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photo credit Emily Packer-Koons, Cacao Review