Women's roasting intensive

Women's roasting intensive

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I wanted to name the Women's roasting class Don't Just Lay (eek? lie?) There, because truly, I believe in standing in our own two shoes, dancing to our own twangy tune, and marching to our best sisterhood of the cacao pod beat. Plus, flat-roasting cocoa beans is so, how do I say this gently? missionary pose. Firstly, less control. Secondly, knowing where you're going and how to get there is 100% freeing. The rest, well, that my #podfriends is in the workshop.

Yes, Map is *only* 4 years old, but besides All Things Map Making I roast (and winnow, and tweak winnowers) for Chocolate Alchemy. And there is nothing quite like (a) working for a scientist who loves collecting data more than a good Single Malt and who insists (rightly so) on distilling meaning (read: how does this effect chocolate making) from that info and (B) having a job where I get the chance to roast hundreds of pounds of 30+ origins, every.single.week. 

I've learned a lot. 

And now's your chance. One day only, 50% off (yeehaw!) and don't forget to pack a water bottle. 

Details on the intensive are here

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