chocolate slabs: for baking + confection making

chocolate slabs: for baking + confection making

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chocolate we craft in slab form with bakers + makers in mind.

our favorite for all manner of babka, marble cakes, brownies, ganache, drizzles, swirls, and uber-chocolate chipdom. in user-friendly slab form, ready to chop or melt. each variety is crafted from three ingredients: organic roasted cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, and organic cocoa butter. soy and stabilizer additive flavoring weirdness free.

sold in 1# untempered slabs.

but let's get to the good stuff: the choices.

single origin honduras 65% has a rich chocolate backbone, deep brown tones

our custom baker's blend is the chocolate chip lover's nirvana. chop, melt, whirl, and bring a new level of amazingness to the cookie jar.

three ingredient white chocolate single origin, organic. 






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