a map is good, but sometimes a guide gets you a few steps closer. 

in my other life i was a guide, and really, rowing a river and crafting chocolate are not all that different. nice weather helps. the right tools, for sure. a strong back, willing hands, and a nose for adventure do not hurt. winging it is one way, but a friend to point out the tricky parts and maybe those pokey things beside the path? yes please. 

bean to bar chocolate maker's pro class

an intensive weekend in a relaxed environment of hands-on lessons in scaling from smaller, home-sized equipment to bigger (small) batches. Map is #notafactory, and we don't aspire to be one, or pretend to be bigger than we are. Small can be bigger, without sacrificing the beauty of what makes craft chocolate craft in the first place. Topics include origins, sourcing, and harvest timing; lessons on transitioning to bigger-batch roasting profiles + cooling using a 25 pound drum roaster; winnowing nibs with the pro-sized Aether winnower + champion cracker unit to crack & winnow; troubleshooting nib size and recovery; tweaking formulations for bigger batch grinding, using cocoa butter or not, working with inclusions and tempering considerations when doing so; grinder prep + cleaning; loading the grinder, the science of timing the addition of sugar; heat application; tension and conching; methods of storage/aging. 

camp includes: beans + supplies used for the class project, use of equipment, our In Pod We Trust tee shirt. 

cancellation: if you need to cancel you will receive 75% of your camp fee up to four weeks before your class date. 

bean to bar chocolate making Pro Class
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