squirrel stash 2016: the spice squirrels

squirrel stash 2016: the spice squirrels


we're all about the stash: extra stores of stamps, frozen cranberries as soon as they appear at the market, and let's not talk about how we feel about bandaids. but when it comes to chocolate, The Stash is perhaps the one we care about most.

so while Squirrel was busy foraging and hoarding, we've been busy too. our fall limited quantity Squirrel Stash is an ode to gathering season, in it's many forms. 

but let's talk about the goods. five mini bites, individually wrapped and tucked inside a nifty box. all dark chocolate, each cozied up to a range of fall-inspired inclusions:  spice toasted pumpkin seeds, crisped rice,  and more. 

vegan, dairy and nut free. as always, soy free.


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