Back in the Day Biscuit Collaboration Bar, Mexico Tapachula 68% with biscuits + browned butter

Back in the Day Biscuit Collaboration Bar, Mexico Tapachula 68% with biscuits + browned butter


In my childhood chocolate was mostly Hershey's from a can, most often drizzled onto vanilla ice cream from a brick-ish tub. We did s'mores as Girl Scouts, and the dry although friendly chocolate chippers from a bag. And like every chocolate-craving soul, a few sneaky nibbles of the god-awful stuff in the box at the back of the pantry known as "baker's chocolate."

But then there were the biscuits. Only for special occasions, never with company, most often just my sister and mom and I, and as I recall, usually at the tiny cabin where we spent the summer. The biscuits, if my mother made them, would have been from a can, despite the fact we were southern and yeah, you know that biscuit thing. But that oversight was forgiven, once she'd split them, placed a hefty slab of butter, and then drizzled the warm chocolate syrup on top in lieu of jam or my grandmother's guava jelly or ham or anything else we'd once given a hoot about before that first buttery biscuity chocolatey bite.

Cheryl Day of the renowned Savannah bakery Back in the Day does not know that after I visited her bakery I once checked out her cookbook from my local library and held it so long overdue I might as well have bought copies and sent one to all my friends. Or how I would marvel at her inspired use of ingredients, and how she'd still make each and every thing feel warm + familiar and so much like coming home. Which, in our part of the world, would mean an extra plate at the table and a hug coming and going.

For this special bar I used a cacao hefted in a backpack from Mexico's Tapachula region, which, the hauler of said backpack assured me, had been provided an attentive ferment and care. Alex, you were so right. 

Biscuits crafted with love by Back in the Day Bakery, encased in a microbatch chocolate at 68% to let the butter + biscuit goodness shine through. Which we think, truly does. 

made from roasted cacao, organic cane sugar, browned butter, and biscuits (contains wheat, dairy, salt).

2.5 oz/.70g

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