Honduras la Mosquitia 78%: Le Chocolat Chaud

Honduras la Mosquitia 78%: Le Chocolat Chaud


Awaiting our shipment of beans! we anticipate shipping this beginning Mar 1.

there are chocolates that make us pause, ones that turn our head, and then there are a very few that make us stop in our tracks. this humble honduran cacao from the wampusiripi region arrived as a half-full jute sack, the remainder of which had, evidently, been lost in transit.

la mosquitia is the site of the fermentary for these beans (mosquito coast region). remote is an understatement: the cocoa beans are brought in from the farmers via canoe, and once fermented are sent to port for shipping via canoe. Currently in process of organic cert; though not certified "organic" the farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides: they don't have the $ for such, and the transportation issues negate all possibility. additionally, and happily, we requested these beans be exempt from fumigation at port and entry to the US (all non-organic cert beans undergo fumigation). we are pleased that our request was granted, and permitted by port authorities and the USDA.

the chocolate created from this microlot is deep, intense, yet inherently sweet. more than once it reminded us of something we could not quite place, and something that did not fit the mold of the standard chocolate tasting notes. earthy, but not humid and brooding as many "earthy" chocolates can be. the richness belied a lovely meltability, and a smoothness that, well oh heck, let's just say this: we are smitten.

contains: direct trade organic method (non-cert) and sustainable method farmed honduran cacao la mosquitia region, organic cane sugar, single origin cocoa butter crafted from the same beans.


soy-free, vegan.


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