{new for Fall} Salted caramel apple: Multnomah

{new for Fall} Salted caramel apple: Multnomah


Just outside of Portland, Oregon is one of our most beloved icons: Multnomah Falls. You can catch a peek of the sinuous cascading ribbon of water from the highway, or stop and visit the historic 1925 lodge, which pretty much sums up the Pacific Northwest woodsy old school vibe. 

Meander on down the road and you'll enter Hood River, and the entry to what we call the Fruit Loop: a lovely drive through orchards, past fruit stands, all the while encircling our other great icon, Mt. Hood.

This bar is our homage to the places we call home, and the sweet, sticky memories that tend to cling to us no matter how far away we venture. Caramel apples say Fall (okay, shout Fall), and a skitch of salt takes it to adulthood.

Map-crafted white chocolate is caramelized, sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt and nicely tart shredded apple that we deconstruct (make into apple sauce) then reconstruct as very large fruit roll-ups, before a final re-chopping. Made from organic grass-fed whole milk, organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic apples, Himalayan pink salt.



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