Off the Beaten Path: quarterly subscription box

Off the Beaten Path: quarterly subscription box


Off the Beaten Path is not just an itinerary, but the Map philosophy: same old/same old has it's place (and sometimes it's what we opt for too), but then there's that amazing view you just won't ever find unless you venture in a new direction.

Our quarterly subscription box lands squarely at your door and includes four map chocolate bars, four times a year, plus a special bit of extra (we are big fans of the unexpected). Each box includes 3 of our seasonal selections, plus a Map bar not available anywhere else, that we craft especially for subscribers. 

Choose from vegan-only (4 bars that won't include dark milk chocolate) or our (not-so) basic mix.

Subscriptions are rolling, and ships May, August, November, February. Shipping is included, so please choose "subscription" at checkout to avoid extra charges. 

Sending as a gift? (what a sweetie you are!) we're happy to include a note.

with dark milk or w/out:
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