tasting kit 1.0: one origin, three %s, belize

tasting kit 1.0: one origin, three %s, belize

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If you've ever stared at a shelf (or several) of craft chocolate then you've experienced what might best be known as The Craft Chocolate White-Out: like a snowstorm with zillions of flakes, no single one stands out. 

chocolate tasting kit 1.0 is our exploration of one origin crafted in three different %s (% indicates the ratio of "bean" to any other ingredients; the higher the %, the higher the amount of cacao. (fyi: hersheys chocolate is approx 11% cacao). 

It all begins with the bean, and our tasting kit features a single origin sourced from Belize, by Maya Mtn. Cacao. The kit includes roasted whole cacao beans, roasted/cracked/winnowed nibs, 1 slab of Belize conched + untempered chocolate (can be eaten as-is to experience the difference between the texture and flavor of untempered chocolate and well-tempered chocolate, or melted and tasted to experience what chocolate straight from the melangeur tastes like), and 3 finished + wrapped bars of Belize chocolate in a range of %s (65%, 72%, and 78%). 

Packed in a tidy box, and includes detailed instructions, maker's notes, and some (we hope) helpful insights into enjoying good chocolate. as they say, no two are alike.

If you'd like to compare with a dark milk, select that option at checkout and we'll include a bar of Belize 60% dark milk, Nightswimming.




dark only or with milk chocolate:
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