{MAp camps 2020 launch in january}


the goal is simple:

craft your best chocolate

skill-building for a new generation of chocolate makers.

A map is good, but sometimes a guide helps you navigate closer to your goal.

In my other life I was a trip leader + river guide in Grand Canyon National Park. And really, rowing a river and crafting chocolate are not all that different. Nice weather helps. The right tools, for sure. A strong back, willing hands, and a nose for adventure do not hurt. Winging it is one way, but a friend to point out the tricky parts and maybe those pokey things beside the path? yes please. 

Being a guide is what I love most about making craft chocolate and being the founder of Map; whether it's introducing someone to their first bite of dark chocolate or to the notion of origin=different flavor, helping a new maker take their first steps with roasting or sharing in-the-trenches chocolate maker's wisdom, what I believe is that every bit of the chocolate journey tastes better when shared.

Embarking on the journey of learning a craft, building a business, or taking a leap onto a whole new life path can be hard, even harder when on your own; I know, because I did just that five years ago when I bought a 2-pound bag of cocoa beans and started Map. If you are intrigued by the idea of making chocolate but are unsure where to begin, this is where a Map camp comes in. If you are already walking the chocolate path but keep wondering how you’ll crack the roasting code or ever temper ten zillion bars by your lonesome, Map camp is for you too. And, if you’re wondering if that persistent itch to take a cocoa bean and coax it into the stuff you crave every.single.day can be scratched, then I say: welcome to Map Camp to you too.


Questions about your chocolate making dreams, bumps in the road, or in need of chocolate-making camaraderie? find me at mackenzie@mapchocolate.com