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Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it by yourself.
It is not far. It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.
— Walt Whitman

skill-building for a new generation of chocolate makers.

A map is good, but sometimes a guide helps you navigate a few steps closer. 

In my other life I was a trip leader + river guide in Grand Canyon National Park. And really, rowing a river and crafting chocolate are not all that different. Nice weather helps. The right tools, for sure. A strong back, willing hands, and a nose for adventure do not hurt. Winging it is one way, but a friend to point out the tricky parts and maybe those pokey things beside the path? yes please. 

My livelihood as a chocolate maker started with the help of John Nanci, founder of Chocolate Alchemy. When the New York Times called him "the father of craft chocolate," saying, "all craft chocolate roads led back to John," they were right; and when the Fine Chocolate Industry Association awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award, they could not have given it to a more generous, there-for-every-maker and hope-to-be-maker, soul. I started working for John in 2014, just as I launched Map, and I still work with him 1 day each week, helping to roast + winnow the thousands of pounds of commercial orders he processes, and sampling/test-batch roasting/making chocolate from every single harvest of every single origin he carries (at any given time John offers makers 30-40 different cacao origins). As a fledgling chocolate maker it was a quick dive into a deep pool, and I've been fully immersed in the craft nearly every day, ever since. 

Being a guide is what I love most about making craft chocolate and being the founder of Map; whether it's introducing someone to their first bite of dark chocolate or to the notion of origin=different flavor, helping a new maker take their first steps with roasting or sharing in-the-trenches chocolate maker's wisdom, what I believe is that every bit of the chocolate journey tastes better when it's shared.

Questions about your chocolate making dreams, bumps in the road, or in need of chocolate-making comaraderie? find me at




two ways to learn: Bean to bar 101 and maker’s intensive workshops

Embarking on the journey of learning a craft, building a business, or taking a leap onto a whole new life path can be hard; I know, because I did just that five years ago when I bought a 2-pound bag of cocoa beans and started Map. If you are intrigued by the idea of making chocolate but are unsure where to begin, this is where a Map camp comes in. If you are already walking the chocolate path but keep wondering how you’ll crack the roasting code or ever temper ten zillion bars by your lonesome, Map camp is for you too. And, if you’re wondering if that persistent itch to take a cocoa bean and coax it into the stuff you crave can be scratched, then I say: welcome to Map Camp to you too.



intensives: refining skills, building knowledge, gaining a deeper understanding of the craft

2019 intensive workshops

Map's intensives come from a deepening love for the art of chocolate making. I believe in craft, am proud to be a cinderella story solopreneurship with Maps on shop tables + shelves in cities large + small around the world, alongside some of the biggest + most beloved chocolate companies. Map's workshops are hands-on, intensive, and chocolate-focused: the aim is to help you build your business, refine techniques, share processes and methods, hone skills, and help you grow your craft.

>workshops vary in number of days; check the listing for details. classes run from 9am to 2 pm {ish).

>Lodging, transportation to/from Eugene, and transport while in Eugene are not included.

>Class size is limited so I can offer my full attention.

>should you need to cancel, you'll receive 75% of your class cost back up to four weeks before the start of camp. If you can't attend but it's past the 4-week date, let me know if you'd like to send a friend in your place.

questions? feel free to reach out and visit our FAQS page