Maplove from us, maplove from you

One small batch step for Map, one giant leap for Mapkind.

the MAP journey is just unfolding.

MAP is moving into a new chocolatory and classroom space, on Main Street in Springfield, Oregon. As a 100% bootstrapped business, MAP has grown in 5 years from a $50 cacao purchase to shipping bars around the world, nearly 10K MAPfriends on instagram, and a demand that we would really like to supply...albeit, in our stubborn happy-to-be-making two-hands crafted style. We just need a wee bit more elbow room to welcome folks into the chocolatory and classroom, and that wee bit dream needs support.

Here's how it works: we are offering 20 MAPS {an assortment of our lovely single origin dark bars, inspired white and milk chocolate bars, and those off-the-well-trod-path creations MAP is known for, plus a few only-in-the-box newbies} at a jaw-dropping, yank up the bootsraps price. MAP is 100% small batch-loving, 100% two-hands-crafted, and 100% Mackenzie And People: this chocolate journey has been wonderful, amazing, enlightening, and 100% all due to you, our traveling companions.

At checkout you'll have a few options. Bars ship in August (or at a date of your choosing, i.e., if you want to send as a holiday or birthday gift, just let us know}, after we are settled into the new MAP shop.

MAPlove from us, MAPlove from you.

Thank you!



a kazillion thank-you’s to all who jumped on board with MAPlove! the boxes are sold out, but it was kindly brought to my attention that folks would like to help out. to make a donation, use the “maplove” button at the bottom of this page. thank you for the love!

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