telling your story through chocolate: April 22

telling your story through chocolate: April 22


Your story is the most important aspect of the chocolate you'll make, and the one ingredient you have that is uniquely your own.

And because of that truth--there is one you, and the chocolate you create can {and must} be a reflection of you--that also means there are is no magic formula. What I know is that every day my top business goal + my top chocolate-making goals are aligned with sharing my unique no-one-else-can-tell-it Map story. And in the times they haven't been, the results have not moved Map where I'd wanted to go (a lesson we'll cover as well). 

I'll also say that my most popular bars were created because I listened to a voice inside me that said Just do it your way, even when I thought Are you crazy? No one will like this!

Setting biz goals + making goals has everything to do with your story as a maker, and telling your story--through your bars, the origins you choose, the inclusions you add, the ingredients you choose, the packaging you dream up, your brick+ mortar or your online shop, and your social media--is how you'll reach your goals.

In 2017 the renowned Clay Gordon named Map one of his two top chocolate maker picks. In February 2018 chocolate taster + reviewer Chocofiles wrote: "I've now reviewed almost 1100 chocolate bars from >230 companies and in my experience Mackenzie at Map Chocolate is one of the most artistic chocolate artisans in the world."

How did a small maker reach a place where people are not just buying Maps, but the demand continues to exceed our capacity? How did we arrive at a place where chocolate "experts" are talking about Map, yet we've only ever entered one chocolate contest, have zero advertising, and do not use distributors?

Telling my story through chocolate is what informs every bean purchase, every bar I design, every shred of packaging, every high point, and the inevitable low point (remember that failed Indiegogo attempt in 2017) and has been the stepping stones of a really amazing journey. 

How the workshop works: we meet for coffee + chocolate at Map, and gather in the classroom/workshop. I'll share my insights over the past 4 years (beginning, understanding what "story" is and is not, recognizing your unique story, aligning your chocolate making with your story, putting your story "out there" one deep breath at a time, designing your packaging, approaches to wholesale + shops I recommend, creating your signature style, crafting your voice, and how to convey your story). You'll receive a link to a workshop PDF that summarizes my thoughts, and has lists (love the lists!) of resources I use and depend upon. You: bring any + all questions, will enjoy the community of other makers in attendance, and eat chocolate. 

workshop size is limited so I can offer my full attention. questions? feel free to email

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