Belize 70% dark with dried plum + cardamom: Secret Garden

Belize 70% dark with dried plum + cardamom: Secret Garden


At Map I make three types of bars. forget the fine cacao this, the % that, and milk vs dark. there are bars I make for fun, bars I make because it's what I hope to find waving its lil chocolate bar hand from those craft-burgeoning shelves (but never quite seem to find), and bars that tell me they need to be made. Secret Garden is in the category of telling me it needed to be made, insisting I do so, eventually stamping its feet until I complied.

Secret Garden was one of our first inclusion bars, and one that we’ve loved ever since the first nibble (or three, who are we kidding).

70% dark chocolate made from Belize cacao topped with minced dried plums and single origin yellow cardamom {yellow cardamom is allowed to ripen fully, which produces a fuller, warmer flavor}. The chocolate has light floral notes and deep cocoa in the finish, while the warmth of the cardamom plays against the subtle tang of dried plum. In a word: lovely.

crafted from organic better-than-fair-trade cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic dried plums, single origin/single estate cardamom from the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

2 oz/.57g


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