fig and fennel sourdough encased in Ghana 74% dark: Bare Branch

fig and fennel sourdough encased in Ghana 74% dark: Bare Branch


so, i have this thing for figs and by that i mean plucking them from my neighbor’s tree that hangs just-so over the fence by my garden. i do it every year before the figs are ripe, despite knowing full well they aren’t ready. and to make matters worse {better}, i can walk past this neighbor’s house and to a local bakery, where they bake organic sourdough filled with fennel seeds and chopped figs, in a large wood burning oven. so call me smitten kitten, i’m all about the figs.

for this homage i have taken the aforementioned sourdough with figs and fennel, chopped it into hefty hunks, then tumbled in melted ghee {ghee is clarified butter, meaning, it’s had the milk solids removed}, before toasting trayloads into sweetly aromatic crumbs. all that’s going on {the fig thievery, the walk to the bakery, the chat with the baker, etc etc} while I make a Ghana 74% dark chocolate. And then, in go the crumblets.

I might have just crafted the best thing since sliced bread, and I await your response. If i can’t answer back immediately quite likely i am chewing.

crafted from roasted organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic sourdough {wheat, yeast, salt}, organic ghee, organic dried figs, organic fennel seeds.

contains wheat and ghee {clarified butter}

2 oz/.57 g

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