72% dark: The Peace of Wild Things

72% dark: The Peace of Wild Things


A blend is the rubik's cube of craft chocolate: the goal is three origins working together in concert to make a delicious whole, which is not the same as simply throwing random beans into the pot and calling it good. 

And this is maybe what craft chocolate has brought to a heavily laden chocolate table: Big Chocolate with its ubiquitous "this is chocolate taste" has trained palates to equate what we think of as chocolate with the flavor derived from massive mountains of inferior quality beans sourced with bottom line pricing at the forefront. Single origin chocolate deconstructs that approach and allows the unique flavor of a single bean to shine through.

In the same thinking that the poet can't be separated from the words they write and the beauty that try to convey, we hope this bar speaks a language of coming together.

a 72% dark crafted from three single origin cacaos, organic cane sugar, single origin organic cocoa butter.

soy-free, vegan.


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