single origin dark chef's chocolate 65/68%

single origin dark chef's chocolate 65/68%


Map’s single origin dark chocolate chef’s chocolate is crafted from a selection of cacao we believe to best suit the palette needs of chefs, chocolatiers and pastry chefs: notably, we choose cocoa beans inherently low in fiber content, which create a low-viscosity chocolate. Lower-viscosity means we can formulate the couverture at a higher %, thus not needing to add higher amounts of cocoa butter which can dilute flavor and impair mouthfeel.

Each of our dark couvertures are small batch crafted from cacao, organic cocoa butter, and organic cane sugar chosen specifically for couverture, without vanilla or lecithin.

Shipped in baker/chef-friendly slabs for chopping, shaving, slicing, as we’ve found that pre-cut chocolate shavings lose flavor rapidly, and have a limited range of usefulness

Origin options include:

65% Honduras Wampusirpi: all the good stuff: pecan, meringue, and date, this bean offers sweetness/an absence of bitterness even when we’ve crafted it as high as 85%.

65% Ecuador Costa Esmeraldas: this chocolate crafts in such a wondrously deep brown/plum hue, with dried Rainier cherry, walnut, a glance at what might be fig leaf.

68% Peru Ucayali River: smooth tannins, beautifully balanced plum and rose.

For orders over 10 pounds please email for quantity pricing.

shipping: couverture orders up to 8 pounds can ship using USPS medium flat rate shipping, US only

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