Spoon and Pod: a monthly craft chocolate baking subscription

Spoon and Pod: a monthly craft chocolate baking subscription

40.00 every month

Welcome to Spoon and Pod! our motto: the better the chocolate, the better {almost everything}, and in particular, the baked good. But why stop at brownies? There is a world of baking + making with craft chocolate we are exploring, and that is where the craft chocolate baking subscription aims to go.

An aside: baking alone is all well and good, except for that time with the salted caramel chocolate chippers, could.not.stop.eating. My dream is that beyond the baking, we can revel in each others’ creations, swap tips, you guys can listen to me drone on about craft chocolate ;), we can share successes, happy discoveries, and spoon-licking happy days. follow along on instagram @spoonandpod

Since the beginning days of Map our craft chocolate pantry goods have been some of our most beloved wares. Maybe because we can be as enthusiastic about a batch of tahini chocolate chunk cookies or that chocolate marshmallow pie we created for a pal’s birthday, as we are about lovely chocolate bars. The secret to our mad love? When we’re making chocolate from the bean we can’t help but dream of the possibilities for the flavors we are discovering through our craft.

In addition to chocolate in as many forms as our cacao-loving mind can conjure (dark, dark milks, traditional milks, white, vegan white, fruit-based chocolate, spice-laden chocolate, chef’s chocolate, et al), we adore making single origin cocoa powder in our small press, which also means making single origin craft cocoa butters. We can pour a tray of 80% dark with cashew and mint and chop it into chunks, or make a batch of cardamom coffee white and melt it into a buttercream.

But let’s get to the good stuff. The craft baking subscription boxes contain the craft chocolate pantry goods we love taking home for baking/making with, and are curated monthly to work as either a focused project {recipe/instructions provided}, or to be used by you however you so please {idea list provided}.

Boxes ship monthly around the 5th {our first box goes out Jan 7 2019} and include, depending on project: chocolate slabs, chopped chocolate, cocoa powder, roasted cacao nibs, chocolate with inclusions, special sugars or spice blends, chocolate sauce, etc. Ingredients not included: eggs, butter/dairy, wet ingredients, baking tools, equipment.

options at checkout: subscription auto-renews monthly, but you can cancel at anytime. Choose from dairy or vegan options.

dairy yes please or no thank you: