baker's box: the Browniedom project

baker's box: the Browniedom project


Different cacao origins produce drastically different flavors of chocolate bars, but does the same hold true for brownies? We thought you’d never ask.

Map’s Browniedom project box includes three of our favorite origins we love for both eating out of hand and baking, because of their good natures {in chocolate maker speak: a joy to craft with} and diverse flavor profiles.

Ecuador Costa Esmeraldas is a beautifully tended and fermented cacao, with ginormous beans, when crafted as a 66% dark chocolate, a shockingly almost purple-ish hue. The flavor is deep and rich, without the sometimes “musty” earthiness associated with deeper chocolate-forward cacao. A nano-harvest of a dry season ferment of Mexico Tabasco cacao brings complex layers of spices and stone fruits, and a 66% dark chocolate with a gentle russet hue. Finally, Fiji Matasawalevu province is a cocoa-lover’s chocolate, with the aroma of brownie before the first pan hits the oven, and a mocha sweet-but-not-too when crafted as a 66% dark milk made with oatmilk in lieu of traditional dairy (be forewarned: this is snacking chocolate nirvana).

The box includes: the three origins, each sent as small-press cocoa powder and cocoa nibs, plus the same origins crafted as chocolate chips/chunks (Ecuador 66% single origin dark, Mexico 66% single origin dark, and the Fiji as 66% dark milk {vegan}, with our go-to cocoa brownie recipe from Alice Medrich.

We supply the chocolate goods and recipe, you supply basic pantry items. Not included: your choice of flour (this recipe works equally well with all-purpose/unbleached, spelt, or oat}, eggs and dairy {these are easily substituted with your fav vegan options, such as flax eggs or coconut oil, sugar, salt, vanilla.

vegan-friendly, spoon-licking worthy.

shipping is included; choose “baking project box” at checkout.

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