vegan white chef's chocolate

vegan white chef's chocolate


Made using organic single origin cocoa butter, organic cane sugar chosen specifically for couverture/chef’s chocolate, and organic gluten-free oat milk. No vanilla or lecithin, coconut-free.

The oat milk gives a hint cookie batter flavor we prefer to typical vegan coconut milk chocolates, and a not-quite-pure-white hue. But, as we’ve discovered in our range of vegan white chocolates, this chocolate lends itself beautifully to a wonderment of flavors, both sweet + savory, and tempers beautifully, with sheen + snap.

Available by the pound, untempered, in slab/block form. For orders over 10 pounds please email for quantity pricing.

shipping: couverture orders up to 8 pounds can ship using USPS medium flat rate shipping, US only

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