chef's chocolate: white chocolate variations

chef's chocolate: white chocolate variations


The opportunity to work with a white chocolate that is any color but white is rare, and even more son when the chocolate is vegan. as someone for whom this medium provides abundant joy {not to mention a universe of possibility}, I’m happy to spread the Not How it’s Ever Been Done Before love.

A few faqs: Map’s vegan white coverture is crafted using oat milk in lieu of coconut, the common source for vegan chocolate, as coconut is a known and frequent allergen. Also, coconut has a very distinct and assertive flavor, which can quickly overwhelm other flavors. No vanilla added, unless by request. Each option has significant flow, tempers beautifully with both sheen and snap. the oats are organic gf, the organic cane sugar we use is vegan {bone-char-free}, and the cocoa butter is single origin, organic cert.

Options include:

strawberry white {tastes like strawberry ice cream},

lime leaf white {using makrut lime leaves}: beautiful soft green color with Thai lime flavor

tahini white: white sesame lend a nutty flavor, light golden hue.

Available by the pound, untempered, in slab/block form. For orders over 10 pounds please email for quantity pricing.

shipping: couverture orders up to 8 pounds can ship using USPS medium flat rate shipping, US only

vegan white options:
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