Lost Mitten: cardamom and coffee drinking chocolate

Lost Mitten: cardamom and coffee drinking chocolate


A warm mug of hot drinking chocolate is the cure-all in our cupboard, the celebration in our cabinet, the fika moment in our friendships, the sip and sit in our sanity, the must-add to our morning coffee. 

But while we love our cup-o-cocoa, what we don't like is the dusty wait-and-stir (and stir some more) version of drinking chocolate. We craft ours as an easy-to-pour, spoon-licking sauce. Smooth, creamy from the get-go, and did we mention, perfectly spoonable?  A lil bit or a lotta bit, drinking chocolate is made easier when crafted as chocolate sauce, and quite simply, made mo better when the flavor of the origin shines through.

for warm or hot old-world drinking chocolate: Drizzle or spoon into your favorite mug; add hot water, warm milk, vegan milk, coffee, stir, and sip. 

for dessertification: swirl, pour, ladle, drizzle onto ice cream, cupcakes, waffles, oatmeal (trust us!)

vegan, soy-free, gf, made from roasted cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, with a teensy smidge of Himalayan pink salt.

Fiji tasting notes: very rich deep chocolate-forward with subtle hints of coconut.

8 oz, in a re-usable, recyclable glass jar.





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