Greetings from Nutkinella Town: hazelnut drinking chocolate

Greetings from Nutkinella Town: hazelnut drinking chocolate


who travels without chocolate? evidently this girl, and yes, the chocolate maker shame is real. and it was on that 4-hour de-icing that i resolved Never Again. but honestly, aren’t detours sometimes the only thing that makes us wake up? so here’s to the road you weren’t supposed to take (but did), the wrong turn into the right arms, the layover where you realized: i love the here of being here.

Our drinking chocolate is made straight from the bean, with the same two~hands crafted dedication we use with our bars.

Flight Delayed is an ode to an incessant urge for a soothing, slightly but not-too sweet hot chocolate that directs our attention from the clearly-marked exits to the warm cacao flavor. In the case of iced engines, we craft it as a meditatively creamy, (not a smidge in sight) dark (no)milk drinking chocolate.

To use: Heat up milk, (oh heck, if it was one of those days, half-n-half), water, or your choice of other “milks” (oat or almond or cashew etc)in a saucepan, add 2-3 oz of chocolate, stir with a whisk.

vegan, soy-free, gf, lecithin-of-any-kind free.

made from roasted cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic gf oat milk, organic cocoa butter, Himalayan pink salt.

8 oz, in a re-usable, certified marine biodegradable and compostable resealable pouch.




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