Cabin Fever: tahini and chocolate

Cabin Fever: tahini and chocolate


The loveliest of drinking chocolate made even cozier with the addition of bergamot, which might just be chocolate’s bff if they were to don wellies and saunter the countryside in some smart plaid woolens together.

Map’s tried and true version of drinking chocolate is crafted as an easy-to-pour, spoon-licking sauce. Maybe we’re just too impatient, or maybe we just don’t dig the dried lumps at the bottom of the traditional drinking chocolate cup, or perhaps we adore our barista besties just so much we thought of them when we created our chocolate sauce. Whatever the reason, just so you are prepared: you might find yourself licking the spoon.

Smooth, creamy from the get-go, and did we mention, perfectly spoonable?  A lil bit or a lotta bit, drinking chocolate is made easier when crafted as chocolate sauce, and quite simply, made mo better when the flavor of the origin shines through.

for warm or hot old-world drinking chocolate: Drizzle or spoon into your favorite mug; add hot water, warm milk, vegan milk, coffee, stir, and sip. 

for dessertification: swirl, pour, ladle, drizzle onto ice cream, cupcakes, waffles, oatmeal (trust us!)

vegan, soy-free, gf, made from roasted cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, earl grey tea, with a teensy smidge of Himalayan pink salt.

8 oz, in a re-usable, recyclable glass jar.





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