Starry Night Detour: dark *milk* chocolate with pinebud syrup

Starry Night Detour: dark *milk* chocolate with pinebud syrup


Spice meets smitten in one of our favorite origins, ever {yes, we just said that}.

We love the cacao we are sourcing from a small co-op of farmers in Mexico’s Tabasco region, who are working hard to resurrect the availability of this heirloom cacao once vastly appreciated. We wanted to create a traditional hot chocolate albeit, with a signature Map not-so-traditional approach.

This drinking chocolate is our nuevo version of a recipe by famed Latin culinary scholar Maricel Presilla: a drinking chocolate crafted with the flavors of anise, rosebuds, vanilla, cinnamon, and a pinch of hot chile, reminiscent of the olde world cupfuls served at afternoon agasajos that focused on the drinking of rich hot chocolate.

As with all our drinking chocolate, we crafted this spicy-meets-sweet version as an easy-to-pour, spoon-licking sauce. Smooth, creamy from the get-go, and did we mention, perfectly spoonable?  A lil bit or a lotta bit, drinking chocolate is made easier when crafted as chocolate sauce, and quite simply, made mo better when the flavor of the origin shines through.

for warm or hot old-world drinking chocolate: Drizzle or spoon into your favorite mug; add hot water, warm milk, vegan milk, coffee, stir, and sip. 

for dessertification: swirl, pour, ladle, drizzle onto ice cream, cupcakes, waffles, oatmeal (trust us!)

vegan, soy-free, gf, made from roasted cocoa beans, organic panela, rosebuds, vanilla, spices, with a teensy smidge of Himalayan pink salt.

8 oz, in a re-usable, recyclable glass jar.





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