Squirrel Perch: salted caramel hazelnut bark

Squirrel Perch: salted caramel hazelnut bark


Just the kind of stump a certain nutkin might seek out in the forest to enjoy her stash of hazelnuts. And you know, a woodland respite might be a good excuse to call in when you’re feeling squirrelish

In case you go {or stay home} we’ve crafted a slab of salted caramel white chocolate with housemade hazelnut butter inside, and chopped Oregon hazelnuts outside.

8 oz, which means plenty to share, or gift, sling out amongst the co-workers, or break into bits around the fire for the best s’mores of the season.

Made from organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic grass-fed whole milk, Oregon toasted hazelnuts, Maldon sea salt.

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