the november collection: gather + share

the november collection: gather + share


the November limited batch three-bar collection of craft chocolate bars inspired by my southern heritage, in true-to-Map fashion: by traveling far, far beyond those roots, carrying food memories into my present-day crafting.

Twenty 3-bar sets of this collection are available to pre-order. sets ship November 11. these collections are about the chocolate, and will be lovingly wrapped in simple attire, arriving on your doorstep to be devoured, and possibly, shared with someone you love.

gather + share bars: sweet potato with toasted marshmallow, buttermilk cornbread brittle, cranberry swirled white with candied orange + toasted pecans.

ingredients in the bars include: cocoa butter, cane sugar, panela, whole milk, gf oats, sweet potato, marshmallow {v}, oranges, pecans, buttermilk, cornmeal, sea salt.

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