a monthly box of Maps

a monthly box of Maps

36.00 every month

Oh the joy of coming home to chocolate. We love doing our part to keep mailboxes near and far filled with our version of the best kind of snail mail.

Includes 3 of our current bars delivered to your mailbox each month, waiting for you at the end of the day, or the long haul.

Payment is via a monthly recurring/renewing payment (after the initial payment the same amount will be charged the following month on the same date). The monthly recurring payment offers the option of stopping your subscription for vacation, travel, etc, or cancelling at any time prior to the 5th of the month.

With either subscription you are welcome to choose from vegan-only ( bars that won't include dark milk chocolate) or dairy-ok. Shipping is included! please choose "subscription box" at checkout to avoid extra charges. 

Sending as a gift? (what a sweetie you are!) we're happy to include a note.

U.S only

details about the renewing payment: you’ll create an account; the Map shop is built on Squarespace and uses Stripe as our payment processor; we do so because both are industry leaders in online security.

The date you make your first payment will become the date your renewing/recurring payment will be charged the following months, for a total of 12 months. You can halt your subscription (or cancel it) by going into your account and managing your subscription at any time prior to the renewing date.

Unlike our quarterly subscriptions which are shipped all at the same time by the 15th of the shipping month (Feb-May-Aug-Nov), the monthly subscriptions ship like any other order, within a day or two of the order arriving.

During hot months: we ship with cold packs and insulation, but if you are planning to be out of town or unavailable when the box will be delivered, it is best to postpone your subscription that month.

yes dairy or vegan plz: