exploring Origin: Fiji in three %s

exploring Origin: Fiji in three %s


If you've ever stared at a shelf (or several) of craft chocolate bars then you've experienced what might best be known as The Craft Chocolate White-Out: like a snowstorm with zillions of flakes, no single one stands out. 

our exploring Origin kits offer one origin crafted in three different %s (% indicates the ratio of "bean" to any other ingredients; the higher the %, the higher the amount of cacao. (fyi: hersheys chocolate is approx 11% cacao). 

It all begins with the bean, and our tasting kit features chocolate made from organic cert. cocoa beans sourced from Fiji via Cacao Fiji. The kit includes a sampler of roasted whole cacao beans, a sampler of the same roasted/cracked/winnowed nibs we used to craft the chocolate, and 3 bars of Fiji dark chocolate, in three different percentages: 70%, 78%, and 95%

We include detailed instructions, maker's notes, and some (we hope) helpful insights into enjoying good chocolate. as they say, no two are alike.

please note: kits take extra time for us to prepare for shipping! let us know if you have a need-by date.




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