Plumbutter tart with anise + cornmeal crumble {2-bar set}

Plumbutter tart with anise + cornmeal crumble {2-bar set}


Tarts and pie is the new cake, but then, in our world, they’ve always taken the cake, as well as the icing.

Nor is it our first time on the plum truck (our Secret Garden bar features plums in dried form), but this year when the plums were ripe we realized we wanted to capture that tart-juicy-sweetness that only fresh plums offer. And then the weather got coolish and we started thinking about pies and crumbles and gratins, which lead down the garden path to this plum tart bar with a cornmeal and anise crumb bar.

Like with our lime pie bar duo from the summer, we suggest taking a nibble of each, at the same time.

sold as two-bar set.

plum bar: crafted from plums, *cocoa butter, *cane sugar. vegan.

cornmeal anise crumb bar: crafted from dried *cornmeal, *cane sugar, *butter, whole milk, *cocoa butter, *anise seeds. contains dairy.


each bar is 2 oz/.57g

mspr: $20

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